Coaches Code of Conduct

I am (We are) the licensed and carded coach(s) responsible today my team.

I have read, am familiar with and understand the rules of NCSA applicable to my team and to this game. We understand that only carded coaches who have signed the roster may coach or provide direction to the players.

I promise to treat all players, coaches, spectators and officials with respect that I would want toward my children, family and friends.

I have discussed at least once this season with my players their responsibilities and proper conduct and behavior towards players, coaches and officials under FIFA and NCSA rules.

I have discussed at least once this season with, and given a copy of this code of conduct to, all parents and team supporters of players participating in this game concerning proper behavior as spectators at a youth sports event, including:

Encourage your team (but only the coaches coach)

Treat the opposing team (players, coaches, spectators) with respect as you would treat your own child, your team’s coach and
fellow spectators

Treat the officials with respect; FIFA rules prohibit dissent of any type, by word or action, even if you are right.

No alcohol and no smoking of any type is permitted within view of the players and the field during games.

As adults and especially as coaches, we must set a good example for the players and other young persons present who will follow our conduct.

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